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speculative stego and othnelia :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 3 0 alaskan bowl horned moose and bowl nester :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 14 6 I'm a survivor!!! :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 5 13 the oceans of DOOM :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 12 10 Mediterranean tiger :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 13 4 winton formation :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 4 2 Leshy skeletal :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 5 7 the greatest gladiator fight of all time :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 5 8 well over due :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 7 8 Sinbads sabre tooth :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 4 8 sneaky peaky :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 2 5 RizkiusMaulanae's contest :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 9 6 hyeana ursa :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 6 0 Dinomaster337's simiasaurus :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 3 2 morrison theropods :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 9 11 doctor strange :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 4 0


Xenocene Ocean predators ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 16 11 Bill and Twelve :iconsn0otchie:sn0otchie 8 7 A grim bloody fable :iconsir-giga:Sir-Giga 86 26 Fully Aquatic Armadillo :iconnewworlds117:Newworlds117 15 7 Back To The 8-bit :iconthinkwithblox:THINKWITHBLOX 2 3 Proceratosauridae :iconkirbyniferousregret:KirbyniferousRegret 173 39 On the Origin of Valentines :iconkirbyniferousregret:KirbyniferousRegret 29 5 Xenocene Oceanian predators ! *size comparison* :iconbrobar:Brobar 9 7 Fragmentary Brazilian Crocoduck :iconrizkiusmaulanae:RizkiusMaulanae 50 34 Xenocene African predators ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 13 25 The Covell Family Crest :iconminstrelcrusadar:MinstrelCrusadar 2 1 Dinosapian pt. 2 :icondinomaster337:Dinomaster337 17 7 Razara :iconaliencon:Aliencon 7 3 Wrath of the Northmen :icondinomaster337:Dinomaster337 4 3 He from the Forest :icondinomaster337:Dinomaster337 2 3 Yi qi :iconpaleosir:paleosir 52 39



speculative stego and othnelia
Took me a while to get round to this one

The othnelia is badsed on the western parotia and the stegosaurus is based on the Malaysian porcupine.

For this drawing I've given the stego a ton of quills on his plates,running down his back and a fan of the around his thagomizers. He's a male coz only the males will have the fan.

The othnelia has an irridescent chest to communicate with members of its family at a distance.

Hope you like it.
If you'd like to request any speculative dinos just say so in le comments.
alaskan bowl horned moose and bowl nester
My entry for this months contest

The Alaskan bowl horned moose and the bowl nester have evolved to live with each other.
The antlers of the moose are specifically evolved to house the nests of bowl nesters.
The bowl nesters keep look out from their perch and warn the moose (which has awful eyesight) about predators,when the moose feels the birds fly of all at the same time it means there's danger.
In return the moose provides insects(which swarm around its beard) and protection.
Male bowl horned moose only fight for females when bowl nesters are not nesting

Alaskan bowl horned moose
Gigaalces philoornithi
(giant moose bird friend)
Size,24ft long,9ft tall
Ancestor,Alaskan moose

Bowl nester
Melanoleuca megaptera
(black and white great wings)
Size,3ft wingspan,2.5ftlength
Distribution Alaska
Ancestor,small population of black billed magpie
I would like to introduce my friend THINKWITHBLOX :iconthinkwithblox:
he's newish here ands he's got some pretty cool art👌.
Plz make him feel welcome 😉
I'm a survivor!!!
1st stage
me thinking about what to draw

2nd stage
ive gotten sum supplies From Ma home

3rd stage
le me running to :iconmrmoustachecat: 's house/Bunker.(I lost my supply bag)

4th stage
im prepared for any Thing!(except giant pillow cats )

5th stage
me playing a bit of football

meme by :iconsephiramy:

yay a human that looks ok!!
the oceans of DOOM
Indian ocean in the xenocene

Esker shark and marsupial civwhale by :icon9weegee:

Killer croc by :icondinomaster337:

Aquatic crocodile by yours truly

I'm no good at colouring
ME WAS TAGGED BY :iconTheUknownPlanet:

The Code(well there mor guidelines...)

-You must answer all the questions.
-You must post all these questions and your own answers.
-You must make up questions and answers.
-You must tag 10 people.
Tag backs are not allowed,unless you have no one else to tag.
-*deep breath* You must complete the challenge within 10 days of being tagged or you will have to draw a headshot of whatever person/character your tagger requests.
-You have to answer the questions truthfully,unless you cannot in good conscious do that.

1) Fire or Water (to be killed by)? I'd say water coz if I'm crushed by a ton of water falling on to me I won't have time to feel it.

2) Potato or ground apple? Taters

3) Alask or Australia? Auzzie auzzie auzzie oi oi oi

4) Can you take me a selfy?  I iz no good at selfy taking

5) What do you want to do butt you cant? Have a non avian dinosaur pet( something like leallynasaurus.

6) Up or down? Up,i like being in trees

7) Which is your favourite song? Ooh tough one but I'll have to go with ballroom blitz for the moment

8) if you were surviving in a dead island alone would you suiside or try to survive? I WILL SURVIVE!!!!

9) Do you fear death? Yes, but when I do die I'll welcome him as a friend

10) Awenser the question with a yes or a no. Why? Yes,coz

My questions,
1) what branch of the theropod family do you belong?
2)1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th or 12th doctor?
3)favourite deity?
4)are you a feather nazi?
5)quodropedal,tripedal or bipedal spino?
6) Xmen or avengers?
7)terry pratchett or jk Rowling?
8)if you could change your name what would you change it to?
9)Lego or megablocks?
10)knight,samurai or Viking?


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