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the greatest gladiator fight of all time :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 5 7 well over due :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 6 8 Sinbads sabre tooth :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 4 2 sneaky peaky :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 2 5 RizkiusMaulanae's contest :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 7 6 hyeana ursa :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 5 0 Dinomaster337's simiasaurus :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 3 2 morrison theropods :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 9 11 doctor strange :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 4 0 Hank.p.Mcoy AKA beast :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 4 0 diplodocus :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 6 6 Alpha-X9 exploration drone-model3920 :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 3 4 trignathus :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 3 2 armoured two toed :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 5 8 OL' MAN LOGAN :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 3 4 hybotitan'cymboicthys :iconcovelloraptor:Covelloraptor 5 5


Paleo Lineup :iconm0ai:M0AI 415 138 Savior or Destroyer :iconking-edmarka:King-Edmarka 289 167 Morrison Mafiosa :iconking-edmarka:King-Edmarka 134 82 Bahariasaurus ingens :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 116 18 Monster Island Expanded: Battle of Kings :icontrendorman:Trendorman 17 7 Paleo-collage :iconalphax9:AlphaX9 14 19 Wasted :iconvalia2305:Valia2305 87 55 Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs of the Wessex Formation :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 211 54 Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs of Las Hoyas :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 178 64 Dakotaraptor steini :iconcasielles:casielles 46 4 Sinotyrannus for Covelloraptor :iconalicedoesprojects:AliceDoesProjects 1 3 Sinotyrannus for Covelloraptor Frameless :iconalicedoesprojects:AliceDoesProjects 1 3 What started as a sketch :icondontknowwhattodraw94:Dontknowwhattodraw94 252 106 Dwarfed by termites :iconsir-giga:Sir-Giga 78 19 Bushmen :iconsir-giga:Sir-Giga 41 47 Sheep-Dino? :icondinomaster337:Dinomaster337 4 4



the greatest gladiator fight of all time
Rodebear,son of polycene vs hyeana ursa of xenocene. Half way through the fight yakwawiak comes in to sort things out.

Yes this image Is slightly based on batman v superman.

Rodebear is of :icondinomaster337: 's creation and the yakwawiak is of :iconursumeles: 's creation

Hyenana ursa is mine.
Ok now taking commissions 

black and white (3
coloured (5
Black and white with background (7
Coloured with background (10

i will do anything other than inappropriate things and homonids and cats.
DO THE MARIO! Pusheen Staring Icon 
well over due
Ok here's the list

:iconalphax9: Carnotaurus

:icontheunknownplanet: Kelenken

:iconalicedoesprojects: Pterygotus(large eurypterid)

:iconthepasthappened: Anomalocaris

:icondylustrations: Pliosaurus

:icondinomaster337: Tyrannosaurus

:iconrizkiusmaulanae: Brachiosaurus

:iconpaleosir: Cuspicephalus (small pterosaur)

I hope you all like it :)
Do you guys think I should do some commisions so I can become CORE?,
If so you can ask for any animal as long as its not from the homonid family or a cat (coz those animals are strangely irritating to draw) also could you suggest prices because I'm completely new to this idea
Sinbads sabre tooth
My first entry to the group monsterislandexpanded.
you can check out the facts on this guy there.
ME WAS TAGGED BY :iconTheUknownPlanet:

The Code(well there mor guidelines...)

-You must answer all the questions.
-You must post all these questions and your own answers.
-You must make up questions and answers.
-You must tag 10 people.
Tag backs are not allowed,unless you have no one else to tag.
-*deep breath* You must complete the challenge within 10 days of being tagged or you will have to draw a headshot of whatever person/character your tagger requests.
-You have to answer the questions truthfully,unless you cannot in good conscious do that.

1) Fire or Water (to be killed by)? I'd say water coz if I'm crushed by a ton of water falling on to me I won't have time to feel it.

2) Potato or ground apple? Taters

3) Alask or Australia? Auzzie auzzie auzzie oi oi oi

4) Can you take me a selfy?  I iz no good at selfy taking

5) What do you want to do butt you cant? Have a non avian dinosaur pet( something like leallynasaurus.

6) Up or down? Up,i like being in trees

7) Which is your favourite song? Ooh tough one but I'll have to go with ballroom blitz for the moment

8) if you were surviving in a dead island alone would you suiside or try to survive? I WILL SURVIVE!!!!

9) Do you fear death? Yes, but when I do die I'll welcome him as a friend

10) Awenser the question with a yes or a no. Why? Yes,coz

My questions,
1) what branch of the theropod family do you belong?
2)1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th or 12th doctor?
3)favourite deity?
4)are you a feather nazi?
5)quodropedal,tripedal or bipedal spino?
6) Xmen or avengers?
7)terry pratchett or jk Rowling?
8)if you could change your name what would you change it to?
9)Lego or megablocks?
10)knight,samurai or Viking?


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Greatest detective/genius
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if you thought the raptors from Jurassic park were scary,just remember there we're larger ones with bigger claws and hands that wouldn't allow them to grab you they would have mauled you to death...

Quote by me


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